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The aim of the working package is to help students see corporate responsibility - economic, social and environmental -  as an integrated and consistent part of the every day life of companies. Main topics of this workpackage are focused on the corporate responsibility strategy, competitive edge gained by implementing these strategies, business as usual versus future business, and the decisive role of communication in the strategy process. There are two basic objectives in this this work package. The first one is to implement the chosen sustainable strategy into practise and every day business. The toolbox is the normal collection of company management tools such as marketing, leadership, accounting etc. having a special sustainable approach. The main aim is to modify and to effectively take advantage of these very management tools to meet the requirements of future society, interest groups and especially customers. From the communication point of view the content concentrates to assure the importance of communication to all interest groups, inside and outside the company.The second objective is sustainable energy which also includes topics like energy efficiency, energy management systems, procurement of energy-efficient products and services etc.

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