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This WP5 differs from all other parts of REBEL platform. Instead of providing ready-made written material for teachers or students, it acts as an on-going source for student projects provided by companies and organisations. One could say that this WP starts its life when REBEL project is launched and its contents grow and change all the time when company needs and students´interest in real work on corporate responsibility issues will be matched. This means that companies and organisations all over the world can continuously give assignments or bigger projects for students to make. They will be delivered to students via this WP. On the left hand side of this page, there is a heading "List of Topics" that will be updated whenever a company or an organisation has a problem to solve. In other words students train to solve practical business problems in responsible business context with help of tasks and assignments from real companies as well as advising and coaching from partner universities, learning technics for problem solving and finally evaluation by both, university teachers and the company in question.

There are also separate instructions for companies, teachers and students what to do and how this WP works. In addition, we have uploaded here a few examples of company projects our students have done for various companies. They only act as examples of what company projects can be like and what has been done earlier. Of course companies and organisations can deliver any kinds of tasks and projects depending on their own needs. Our examples here are mostly related to recycling because re-use and recycling in all their forms have become an extremely important environmental activity and business all over the world. On the national as well as EU level we already have the producer responsibility system for some commodities (cars, tyres, batteries, SER products etc.). In the near future we will see pressure to widen this system. In addition, in this field, there are also new, very promising business models and ideas to be created and developed.Therefore these tendencies look very promising if we think about company problems and interests to gain new knowledge and fresh ideas related to various topics of responsible business.

Reported results of projects will be highly interesting and eligible. Naturally, company assignments and projects can be related to any issue concerning responsible business and corporate responsibility - either from business or technical point of view, or both.

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