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Page: 3. Aerobic-thermophilic sludge stabilisation (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
method is suitable for when decontamination is the objective. Good preliminary concentration is particularly important. Sludge which is produced is aerated in a closed tank (air or O{}2). When let out the sludge is conducted via a heat exchanger which preheats the freshly ...
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Page: 7. Sludge treatment (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
mechanical and biological sewage plants solids generally occur as screened material, sand trap material and fats, as well as primary, excess and precipitated sludge. Screen rebwp8:1 Screens ed material from coarse and fine screens 515 l ...
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Page: Addition of chemicals (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Organisms rebwp8:Organisms in the waste water are killed by lime (pH increase) (with CaO in addition to temp. increase). Addition of CaO When added to dehydrated sludge the lime/sedimentation sludge mixture heats up with sufficient heat insulation to 5570°C ...
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Page: Decontamination (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Waste water is not just a contaminant but also a risk to health. A range of diseases are spread via water among other things. Not only bacteria rebwp8:Bacteria , but also worm eggs and viruses can be contained in the waste water. Only some of these pathogens ...
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Page: Decontamination using heat (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
sludge is exposed to > 55°C for a certain time. Aerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content \thermophilic sludge stabilisation (see section on sludge stabilisation) Aerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content \thermophilic sludge treatment with subsequent digestion (see section on sludge stab ...
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