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Content with label assignment in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Aboriginal wisdom
Explore more: aboriginal wisdom In order to find ways out of the current crisis, and in view of the fact that changes will probably not come from within, several people have been looking for inspiration in somewhat unexpected places: in the accumulated wisdom and cultural traditions ...
Other labels: indigenous-wisdom, aboriginal, learning-tool, ethics-of-care, indigenous-people
Page: Analysing Sustainability Reports
Analyzing Sustainability Reports Students work in small groups on the task of developing criteria for a company's contribution in the field of sustainability in order to find out "what's behind the label". The criteria are to cover the three dimensions, ecology, economy and social equity. In a second step ...
Other labels: teach, ethics-of-care, sustainability
Page: Buddhist economics
Explore more: Buddhist economics \\ There is economics and metaeconomics. The point is that economics as a social science and as the everyday reality that we live in is shaped by something that is way broader than economics. It is this larger framework, this worldview, this outlook on life that determines what economics and economies look ...
Other labels: learning-tool, ethics-of-care, economy, economics, mindset, meta-economics
Page: Competing for the Smallest Ecological Footprint
Competing for the Smallest Ecological Footprint There are different ways of pointing out and highlighting that we are living above our means. What goes without saying in the economic context and is taught in proper bookkeeping (not to spend more than you have or to live from ...
Other labels: teach, ethics-of-care, ecological-footprint, sustainability, competition
Page: Competing views on sustainability
Explore more: competing views on sustainability Underneath you find fragments taken from two different documents. The first excerpt is the foreword to World Conservation Strategy. Living Resource Conservation for Sustainable Development, a report of the IUCN, the International Union for Conservation ...
Other labels: learning-tool, ethics-of-care, sustainable-development, sustainability, conservation, view
Page: Economy in the void
Explore more: economy in the void? \\ "The classical steady state takes the biophysical dimensions population and capital stock (all durable producer and consumer goods) as given and adapts technology and tastes to these objective conditions. The neoclassical "steady state" (proportional growth of capital ...
Other labels: triple-p, learning-tool, full-world, ethics-of-care, economy, steady-state, ecological-economics
Page: Economy off the top of your head
Explore more: economy off the top of your head \\ Step 1 Free association about economy \\ Off the top of your head, write down (or preferably: type up), in separate words, the things, concepts and notions you immediately associate ...
Other labels: learning-tool, ethics-of-care, economy
Page: Ethical reflections on technology
ETHICAL AND SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATION FOR RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS EUETIT : Manuel LisJavier CaƱavate \\ Role of Technology in the world in transition Objective: The aim of this section is to foster reflection on the role of Technology related to the changes of issues that the world faces and has confronted in the past. Technology clearly ...
Other labels: case, world, ethics-of-care, responsibility, technology, ethics, society
Page: Ethics pays
Explore more: Ethics pays? Ethics for other than ethical reasons? \\ One of the debates, especially within business ethics, is whether ethics can only be done because of intrinsic reasons. That would mean that the ethical values are respected because of themselves ...
Other labels: learning-tool, ethics-of-care, business-ethics, ethics
Page: Future Workshop
Future Workshop The future workshop is a very creative process method developed by Robert Jungk for political education over 30 years ago. The starting point of his idea was that decisions on issues relating to everydaylife or to the workplace are often made without participation ...
Other labels: teach, workshop, ethics-of-care, sustainability
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