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Content with label business in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Alternatives to Current Economic Thinking and Business Models
Introduction to 'Alternatives to Current Economic Thinking and Business Models' Despite its successes, the dominant economic system especially as it is increasingly globalized and fossilintensive is turning out to be a nothrough road. It is wreaking havoc on the planet. Only by passing by and ignoring a massive amount of socalled ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, economy, economics, sustainable, business-model, alternative, economic-system, narrative-text
Page: Ethics and Business Ethics
general human tendency to regard the only world we know as normal is reflected in just about all the disciplines that are taught in our schools and universities. (Edward Goldsmith, The Way. An Ecological WorldView, The University of Georgia Press, Athens, 1998, p ...
Other labels: environment, systems-thinking, change, ethics-of-care, business-ethics, ecology, ethics, economy
Page: Good Learning Examples of Responsible Business
Good Learning Examples of Responsible Business in the partner organisations of the REBELproject\\ Nowadays networking and learning from each other is considered to be wise. In this section good learning examples from partner institutions were brought together. The list is preceded by an overview ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, best-practice, practice
Page: List of Good Learning Examples
List of Good Learning Examples from project partners.\\ In this section good learning examples were brought together in order to serve as a source of inspiration.  Inspiration for those who are seeking for practical techniques & 'ways' for learning about sustainable business ...
Other labels: learning-example, ethics-of-care, sustainable
Page: Responsible Business and Profit Maximisation
Responsible Business and Profit Maximisation When we talk about the relationship between ethics and economics we might also refer to this concept as "Responsible Business". Responsible business  deals with the mindful handling of values within a company and with reconciling moralsocietal needs ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, business-ethics, ethics, profit, narrative-text
Page: Responsible Business - a Planetary Perspective
Responsible business: a planetary perspective It was many years ago, that villagers in Downstream recall spotting the first body in the river. Some old timers remember how Spartan were the facilities and procedures for managing that sort of thing. Sometimes, they say, it would take ...
Other labels: perspective, tipping-point, ethics-of-care, business-ethics, sustainable-development, future, narrative-text
Page: Shifting Business Ideas
Shifting Business Ideas {}SLIDE 1{} !Dia1 (Small).JPG! Given the present situation, what should we do next? There is no end to the number of things going seriously wrong. The present situation, also for businesses, is characterized by a number of big challenges ...
Other labels: lca, assignment, transparency, triple-p, ethics-of-care, full-cost-accounting, sustainability-reporting, life-cycle-thinking
Page: The Money Machine
Our current collective economic insanity is the product of an illusion a belief, cultivated by the prevailing economic orthodoxy, that money is wealth and that making money is the equivalent of creating wealth. David Korten in Why not an Economy of Real Wealth in: Yes\! Magazine, Spring ...
Other labels: catch-22, growth-mania, financial-breakdown, ethics-of-care, gdp, wealth, money, capital
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