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Content with label corporate-social-responsibility in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: supply-chain-management, business-community, business-ethics, environmental-impact, ecological-footprint, eco-efficiency, stakeholder, sustainability, triple-p, business, systems-thinking, full-cost-accounting, sustainability-reporting, transparency, scenario, dematerialization, assignment, lca, closed-loop, more »

Page: Shifting Business Ideas
Shifting Business Ideas {}SLIDE 1{} !Dia1 (Small).JPG! Given the present situation, what should we do next? There is no end to the number of things going seriously wrong. The present situation, also for businesses, is characterized by a number of big challenges ...
Other labels: lca, assignment, transparency, triple-p, ethics-of-care, full-cost-accounting, sustainability-reporting, life-cycle-thinking
Page: Systems and solutions worksheet
Explore more: systems and solutions worksheet \\ It's been said before, especially in the course module "Backgrounds to a World in Transition": in order to see what direction we have to take, it is necessary to understand what is happening presently. The idea is not that we then can immediately ...
Other labels: assignment, systems-thinking, learning-tool, ethics-of-care
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