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Content with label ethics+learning-tool in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: ecological-economics, society, responsibility, full-world, economics, community, sustainability, triple-p, case, view, teach, business, systems-thinking, environment, transition, time-frame, worldview, introduction, ecology, more » ( - ethics, - learning-tool )

Page: Ethics pays
Explore more: Ethics pays? Ethics for other than ethical reasons? \\ One of the debates, especially within business ethics, is whether ethics can only be done because of intrinsic reasons. That would mean that the ethical values are respected because of themselves ...
Other labels: assignment, ethics-of-care, business-ethics
Page: Trying different lenses
Explore more: trying different lenses \\ One and the same reality can be seen from different points of view: what we see and value is coloured by the glasses we look through. A quite simple observation: from a different perspective things ...
Other labels: assignment, perspective, ethics-of-care
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