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Content with label learning-example in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: table, sustainable-higher-education, business, sustainable, ethics-of-care, sustainable-development

Page: Analysing Companies
Title: Analysing Companies Praxisprojekt Unternehmensanalyse \\ Short description of the initiative: The project is used in the University's teaching context as a means of experiencing the corporate reality in respect to the subject matter of sustainability. By looking at companies from two perspectives (external and internal) and later comparing ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Page: Cantabria Local Network for Sustainability
Title: RLSC Cantabria Local Network for Sustainability Red Local de Sostenibilidad de Cantabria \\ Stakeholder Company Red Local de Sostenibilidad de Cantabria (RLSC) Mission Statement: Cantabria Local Network for Sustainability Description of the stakeholder/company ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Page: DOHO
Title: DOHO Sustainable Development and Higher Education Duurzame Ontwikkeling en Hoger Onderwijs \\ Short description of the initiative: The DOHO project focuses on the realisation of sustainable higher education within the framework of an individual institution of higher education. The possibility of defining ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Page: List of Good Learning Examples
List of Good Learning Examples from project partners.\\ In this section good learning examples were brought together in order to serve as a source of inspiration.  Inspiration for those who are seeking for practical techniques & 'ways' for learning about sustainable business ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, business, sustainable
Page: NIBS Conference on Sustainability
Title: Sustainable management: less waste, more profit\!? \\ Short description of the initiative: Elaboration and organization of a NIBS conference with the focus on the issue of 'sustainability in management', one the spearheads of the Leuven University College. The Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) is a group of business ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Page: NICA
Title: NICA Sustainability in the Apprenticeship of Chemistry Technicians Nachhaltigkeit in der ChemieAusbildung \\ Short description of the initiative: NICA's aim was to broaden the apprentices' (chemistry) knowledge and key competencies in the field of sustainability. At the same time the aspects of sustainability were aimed at improving the quality ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Page: Observatory of Corporative Responsability
Title: Observatory of Corporative responsability \\ Stakeholder Company Observatory of Corporative responsability Mission Statement: Integrated association of civil represeatative organizations including NGO, consumers associations and trade unions. Description of the stakeholder/company activities: A network that promotes cooperation between ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Page: ODO
Title: ODO Research Cell Sustainable Development Onderzoekscel Duurzame ontwikkeling \\ Short description of the initiative: ODO is a permanent sustainable development research cell that works on various projects in collaboration with specific partners. ODO carries out quantitative research projects ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Page: Selective Garbage Collection Plan
Title: Selective Garbage Collection Plan of Terrassa campus administration technical University of Catalonia \\ Short description of the initiative: Implementation of an effective Selective Garbage Collection system that effectively operates in Terrassa Campus of UPC. \\ Contact information: EUETIT : Technical ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
Title: SOLIDO Sustainable Solutions \\ Short description of the initiative: 'Small Business Project' for final/3rd year marketing students. \\ Contact information: KHLeuven Leuven University College Department of Business Studies Bernadette Abts Jan Van hoe  Hertogstraat 178 ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care
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