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Content with label narrative-text in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Alternatives to Current Economic Thinking and Business Models
Introduction to 'Alternatives to Current Economic Thinking and Business Models' Despite its successes, the dominant economic system especially as it is increasingly globalized and fossilintensive is turning out to be a nothrough road. It is wreaking havoc on the planet. Only by passing by and ignoring a massive amount of socalled ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, economy, business, economics, sustainable, business-model, alternative, economic-system
Page: A steady-state economy (Herman Daly)
steadystate economy (Herman Daly) {}Bio{} Herman Daly (°1938) is an ecological economist. Professor at the University of Maryland, School of Public Affairs. From 1988 to 1994 he was Senior Economist in the Environment Department of the World Bank. Prior to 1988 he ...
Other labels: full-world, ethics-of-care, steady-state-economy, economy, economics, sustainable, sustainability, limit
Page: A World Looking for Change
deeply embedded in life is to stop freeriding on the pain of others. Deborah Bird Rose Life is a journey, not a destination. (...) The work begins with embracing the truth that it is within our means to choose our future and to place our capacity for reflective choice at the service of Creation's ...
Other labels: perspective, systems-thinking, change, indigenous-wisdom, ecological-illiteracy, sense-of-place, nonlinearity, people
Page: Backgrounds to a World in Transition
Introduction to 'Backgrounds to a world in transition' Our world is currently facing a number of serious problems: climate change, peak oil and threatening energy shortage, depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, population growth and outofcontrol urbanization, damaged ecosystem functions ...
Other labels: transition, world, ethics-of-care, paradigm-shift, background, introduction
Page: Climate Chaos
Global efforts to address the problem remain weak and inadequate, even as changes in climate become more serious. Rajendra Pachauri, IPCC Chairman, on 23 January 2008 at the World Economic Forum in Davos Opening Session ( ...
Other labels: injustice, indigenous-wisdom, weather, impacts, ipcc, world, tipping-point, ethics-of-care
Page: Core Values and Sustainability Strategies
Core Values and Sustainability Strategies In their Vienna Declaration the initiators of the "European Association for Sustainable Development" (ESD) have compiled the thoughts and ideas of a network of intellectuals, visionaries, pragmatists and theoreticians Rauch, Strigl, Die Wende der Titanic Wiener Deklaration für ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, sufficiency, eco-efficiency, efficiency, sustainability, strategy, core-value, table
Page: Ethics, resilience and care (RD)
Introduction to 'Ethics, resilience and care' Looking from a planetary perspective (including all life, present and future) we have to acknowledge that much of the present global free market economy is characterised by (unwitting or deliberate) irresponsible behaviour. The increasingly deregulated global ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, resilience, ethics, introduction
Page: Ethics and Business Ethics
general human tendency to regard the only world we know as normal is reflected in just about all the disciplines that are taught in our schools and universities. (Edward Goldsmith, The Way. An Ecological WorldView, The University of Georgia Press, Athens, 1998, p ...
Other labels: environment, systems-thinking, change, ethics-of-care, business-ethics, ecology, ethics, economy
Page: From sustainable development to resilience thinking?
From sustainable development to resilience thinking? Sustainable development Alarmed by environmental breakdown and dwindling natural resources and concerned about serious problems of worldwide inequality and injustice, the United Nations convened the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1983. This commission (often ...
Other labels: systems-thinking, ethics-of-care, sustainable-development, resilience-thinking, sustainability
Page: Living economies (Vandana Shiva)
Living economies, Vandana Shiva {}Bio{} Vandana Shiva is an Indian physicist, philosopher, feminist and tireless environmental activist. She was involved in the women's campaign against the destruction of the Himalayan forests, the famous Chipko movement, and now works in the movement to protect ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, economy, nature's-economy, market-economy, living-economy, sustenance-economy, diagram
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