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Content with label paradigm-shift in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: supply-chain-management, business-community, environmental-impact, business-ethics, ecological-footprint, eco-efficiency, stakeholder, sustainability, triple-p, business, transition, background, sustainability-reporting, introduction, worldview, full-cost-accounting, transparency, scenario, dematerialization, more »

Page: Backgrounds to a World in Transition
Introduction to 'Backgrounds to a world in transition' Our world is currently facing a number of serious problems: climate change, peak oil and threatening energy shortage, depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, population growth and outofcontrol urbanization, damaged ecosystem functions ...
Other labels: transition, world, ethics-of-care, background, narrative-text, introduction
Page: Of paradigms and real shifts
Explore more: of paradigms and real shifts \\ More and more people feel (or talk about) the need for a paradigm shift. What is meant is that we need a deep and fundamental change of some sort, rather than an approach or change where we ...
Other labels: assignment, learning-tool, ethics-of-care, worldview, paradigm
Page: Shifting Business Ideas
Shifting Business Ideas {}SLIDE 1{} !Dia1 (Small).JPG! Given the present situation, what should we do next? There is no end to the number of things going seriously wrong. The present situation, also for businesses, is characterized by a number of big challenges ...
Other labels: lca, assignment, transparency, triple-p, ethics-of-care, full-cost-accounting, sustainability-reporting, life-cycle-thinking
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