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Content with label systems-thinking in REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation (See content from all spaces)
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Page: A World Looking for Change
deeply embedded in life is to stop freeriding on the pain of others. Deborah Bird Rose Life is a journey, not a destination. (...) The work begins with embracing the truth that it is within our means to choose our future and to place our capacity for reflective choice at the service of Creation's ...
Other labels: perspective, change, indigenous-wisdom, ecological-illiteracy, sense-of-place, nonlinearity, people, creativity
Page: Ethics and Business Ethics
general human tendency to regard the only world we know as normal is reflected in just about all the disciplines that are taught in our schools and universities. (Edward Goldsmith, The Way. An Ecological WorldView, The University of Georgia Press, Athens, 1998, p ...
Other labels: environment, change, ethics-of-care, business-ethics, ecology, ethics, economy, business
Page: From sustainable development to resilience thinking?
From sustainable development to resilience thinking? Sustainable development Alarmed by environmental breakdown and dwindling natural resources and concerned about serious problems of worldwide inequality and injustice, the United Nations convened the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1983. This commission (often ...
Other labels: ethics-of-care, sustainable-development, resilience-thinking, sustainability, narrative-text
Page: Resilience thinking
Slide 1 \\ !Dia1 (Small).JPG!\\ \\ Source material (and justification) for this presentation \\ The presentation (slides and text material) is based on articles, books and web based material related to Resilience Theory or Resilience Thinking. As the presentation deals with the basic concepts and underlying ideas ...
Other labels: management, assignment, co-adaptive-learning, modularity, panarchy, world, ethics-of-care, nature
Page: Systems and solutions worksheet
Explore more: systems and solutions worksheet \\ It's been said before, especially in the course module "Backgrounds to a World in Transition": in order to see what direction we have to take, it is necessary to understand what is happening presently. The idea is not that we then can immediately ...
Other labels: assignment, learning-tool, ethics-of-care, corporate-social-responsibility
Page: The Systems Thinking Playbook - Exercises
Systems Thinking Playbook Exercises to Stretch and Build Learning and Systems Thinking Capabilities (Linda Booth Sweeney, Dennis Meadows) This book is a useful tool for K12 teachers, university faculty, and corporate consultants. It contains various games and exercises that illustrate different ...
Other labels: assignment, teach, ethics-of-care, sustainability
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