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Content with label diagram in REBEL WP4: Implementing the Green (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: product, strategies, consumer, supply-chain, development, consumption, environmentally-friendly, lca, stakeholder, sustainable-development, company, sustainability, product-recovery, remanufacturing, customer, narrative-text, business, environmentally-friendly-product, life-cycle, more »

Page: 1. Conception of Sustainability Marketing
mentioned in the introduction, the aim of sustainability marketing is to integrate social and environmental aspects in every step and every action of the whole marketing process. The goal is not only to promote environmental friendly or ethical products and services but also to enhance environmental awareness of consumers and thus ...
Other labels: consumer, product, sustainability-marketing, marketing, narrative-text, strategies, environmentally-friendly, customer
Page: Creating Value through Product Recovery
Creating value through product recovery the opportunities and challenges in reverse logistics \\   1 Introduction Growing concern regarding the environment has affected the companies in various different business sectors. It is a necessity to include the environmental perspective into the entire life ...
Other labels: lca, company, consumer, environmentally-friendly-product, stakeholder, narrative-text, strategies, supply-chain
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