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Content with label sustainability-marketing in REBEL WP4: Implementing the Green (See content from all spaces)
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Page: 1. Conception of Sustainability Marketing
mentioned in the introduction, the aim of sustainability marketing is to integrate social and environmental aspects in every step and every action of the whole marketing process. The goal is not only to promote environmental friendly or ethical products and services but also to enhance environmental awareness of consumers and thus ...
Other labels: consumer, product, marketing, diagram, narrative-text, strategies, environmentally-friendly, customer
Page: 2. Ethical Consumption
chapter we take first a quick look at the role of consumption in general. The focus is then shifted on ethical consumption and on current trends related to it. The Role of Consumption Perhaps because consumption is so close to us everybody and belongs so selfevidently in our every ...
Other labels: consumer, product, ethical-consumption, table, narrative-text, strategies, purchasing, environmentally-friendly
Page: 3. Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behaviour relates to issues concerning purchase, use and postuse (often described as endoflife products) of products. According to Belz (2005), marketing literature has been primarily concerned with the first stage, the process and act of purchasing, whereas in the case of ethical ...
Other labels: consumer, product, environmentally-friendly-product, end-of-life-product, table, narrative-text, strategies, purchasing
Page: 4. Sustainability Marketing Values and Objectives
context, normative sustainability marketing concerns, shortly, corporate commitments to sustainable development that companies want to express to their shareholders and/or to the public. Corporate responsibility visions and aims are usually written e.g. in the mission statement. Numbers of companies publish their formal principles and responsibility ...
Other labels: narrative-text, strategies, sustainable-development
Page: 5. Sustainability Marketing Strategies
we know, the marketing strategy of a company should reflect its corporate strategy and objectives, its vision, mission and values. It is influenced by the markets the company acts in as well as by the relationships that evolve between the company and its key stakeholders. The so called micro ...
Other labels: narrative-text, strategies
Page: 6. Instrumental Sustainability Marketing or Sustainability Marketing Mix
operational level, the traditional tool has been the marketing mix, "the four Ps": Product, Place, Price and Promotion (e.g. in Peattie 2002, 230). The amount of Ps varies to some extent depending on the writer. Here, first these first four are discussed ...
Other labels: company, consumer, product, environmentally-friendly-product, ecolabel, producer, narrative-text, strategies
Page: 7. Sustainability Marketing Transformation
last step in Belz and PeattieĀ“s conception of sustainability marketing (2009) can be called sustainability marketing transformation, or transformational aspects of sustainability marketing. It means that companies are really involved in responsible business and act actively to support sustainability. When ever possible ...
Other labels: narrative-text, strategies
Page: Role of Stakeholders
1. Stakeholders   Stakeholder cooperation is an essential part of corporate sustainability strategy and marketing. Therefore, a short introduction to the topic might be relevant here. As we know, companies can have different impacts on their operational environment. First ...
Other labels: environment, company, product, stakeholder, interaction, co-operation, narrative-text, strategies
Page: Sustainability Marketing
Objectives of this chapter is to help students to get a wider scope of the complexity of sustainability marketing. Main aims are how sustainability marketing differs from conventional business thinking and how it can be used to support  more ethical and environmentally friendly solutions on both ...
Other labels: environment, company, consumer, product, environmentally-friendly-product, ecolabel, environmental-responsibility, social-responsibilty
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