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Content with label algae in REBEL WP7: Bioenergy (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: table, feedstock, biodiesel, renewable-energy, bioethanol, bioenergy, microalgae, classification, biofuel, costs, sources-of-energy, technology, narrative-text, figure, biomass, biofuel-production, oil, bioethanol-production, macroalgae

Page: Biomass from Algae
Renewable biofuels are of great importance for the displacement of petroleoumderived transport fuels, in order to reduce gaseous emissions, e.g. fossil CO{}2, nitrogen and sulphur oxides and their purported greenhouse, climatic changes and global warming effects, as well as to face the frequent oil ...
Other labels: biomass, renewable-energy, macroalgae, sources-of-energy, microalgae, biodiesel, bioethanol, biofuel
Page: Economics of algal biofuel production
costs for the production of algal oil depends on many factors, e.g. Yield of biomass Oil content Scale of production systems Costs for recovering of oil from algal biomass. Currently, algaloil production is still far more expensive than petroleum ...
Other labels: biomass, biofuel-production, oil, biofuel, bioenergy, costs, narrative-text
Page: Microalgae
Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms that convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to algal biomass. The use of microalgae can be a suitable alternative feedstock for next generation biofuels (biofuels of 3{}{}{}rd{} generation). For a comparison of possible feedstocks for production of biodiesel and their oil yield ...
Other labels: biomass, biofuel-production, microalgae, biodiesel, oil, feedstock, biofuel, bioenergy
Page: Technology
Generally, bioethanol production can be classified into three main types, depending on used/converted feedstocks (figure 1): 1.  Bioethanol production of 1st generation Bioethanol production of 1{}st generation is made on the one hand from starchy ...
Other labels: biomass, technology, bioethanol-production, feedstock, bioethanol, bioenergy, classification, figure
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