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Content with label bioethanol-production+ethanol in REBEL WP7: Bioenergy (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Biochemistry and Microbiology
primary crops, currently being used or considered for ethanol production can be categorised by agricultural and processrelated properties. The concentration of fermentable carbohydrates and other parameters in feedstocks, used for ethanol production are highly variable (see table 1). !General ethanol feedstock ...
Other labels: carbohydrates, feedstock, bioethanol, bioenergy, microbiology, biochemistry, figure, narrative-text
Page: Bioethanol Processing
use and combustion of fossil fuels is responsible for 73 % of the CO{}2 production in the atmosphere and therefore extremely contributes to global warming, the interest in the development of methods, reducing green house gases, has been increased enormously. In order to control such emissions, many ...
Other labels: biomass, renewable-energy, technology, fuel-properties, sources-of-energy, feedstock, bioethanol, biofuel
Page: Production of bioethanol using sugar crops
Economic production of fuel ethanol from sugarrich feedstocks requires efficient recovery of sucrose from the harvested crop. The processes for extracting juice and the downstreaming processes are similar for the various sugarrich feedstocks. Therefore, representative for all bioethanol production processes, using ...
Other labels: milling, sucrose, sugar-cane, feedstock, bioethanol, bioenergy, crop, figure
Page: World-wide ethanol production
Worldwide production of ethanol more than doubled from 2003 to 2009 and in the near future, it will continue to increase.  In 2000, the worldwide production of bioethanol accounted for about 8 billion US gallons, compared to 2007, where it more than doubled ...
Other labels: feedstock, bioethanol, biofuel, bioenergy, figure, narrative-text
Page: Yeast physiology in ethanol production
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the only commercial organism which is used for alcohol production. S. cerevisiae is an ideal candidate as it is able to tolerate and produce high concentrations of alcohol. S. cerevisiae is an unicellular eukaryotic fungus that reproduces by budding. S. cerevisiae cells are generally ellipsoidal ...
Other labels: bioethanol, bioenergy, microbiology, biochemistry, yeasts, figure, narrative-text
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