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Content with label combustion in REBEL WP7: Bioenergy (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: biogas, biogas-production, table, narrative-text, biomass, cl, chp, application, bioenergy, biogas-conditioning

Page: CHP´s with combustion engine
different types of engines: • For smaller plants (< 30 kWel) gasOttoengines are used. These have shorter live time, but lower investment costs. • In the region of 30150 kWel ignition streak aggregates are used. In principal, this are diesel engines. To produce a save mixture, 710 ...
Other labels: biogas, chp, biogas-conditioning, biogas-production, bioenergy, table, narrative-text, application
Page: Combustion processes
Combustion Combustion of biomass is in the best case a complete oxidation of the fuel. \> C{}x{}H{}y{}O{}z O{}2\> CO{}2 H{}2{}O Due to the released heat the reaction product is a hot gas, which may ...
Other labels: biomass, cl, bioenergy, narrative-text
Page: Medium-scale to large-scale combustion applications
Mediumscale to largescale combustion applications Small particles combust relatively fast and can be combusted in entrained flow combustion applications for pulverized fuels. The particle size should be less than about 75µm 1 createpage.action?spaceKey=rebwp7&title ...
Other labels: biomass, bioenergy, narrative-text
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