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Content with label concentration in REBEL WP7: Bioenergy (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: biogas-plant, biogas, biogas-production, parameter, nutrients, narrative-text, figure, dm, bioenergy, inhibitors

Page: Further Inhibitors
Bacteria use some heavy metals and micronutrients as nutrients, but they have an inhibiting effect if their concentration is too high. The most important inhibitors and their harmful concentrations are shown in Figure 15. Figure 15: Inhibitors and harmful concentrations. !further inhibitors.JPG
Other labels: biogas, biogas-production, nutrients, bioenergy, inhibitors, figure, narrative-text
Page: Gas Production Potential
amount of biogas in a biogas plant depends on the composition of the applied substrate. Substrate has an effect on the quality of biogas and the methane yield. It is ASSIGNED ON the composition of the contingent of fat, proteins and carbon hydrates. Fat indicates regarding the mass more methane than ...
Other labels: biogas, biogas-production, biogas-plant, bioenergy, dm, parameter, figure, narrative-text
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