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Content with label fuel-properties in REBEL WP7: Bioenergy (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: fuel, ethanol, biofuel, table, technology, sources-of-energy, narrative-text, feedstock, biomass, renewable-energy, bioethanol, bioenergy, bioethanol-production

Page: Bioethanol Processing
use and combustion of fossil fuels is responsible for 73 % of the CO{}2 production in the atmosphere and therefore extremely contributes to global warming, the interest in the development of methods, reducing green house gases, has been increased enormously. In order to control such emissions, many ...
Other labels: biomass, renewable-energy, technology, bioethanol-production, sources-of-energy, ethanol, feedstock, bioethanol
Page: Fuel properties of bioethanol
Bioethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, CH{}3\CH{}2\OH or EtOH) is a liquid biofuel, produced from several biomass feedstocks and different technologies. Bioethanol is a renewable biobased resource. Additionally, it is oxygenated (35 % oxygen), providing the potential ...
Other labels: bioethanol, bioenergy, fuel, table, narrative-text
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