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Related Labels: biogas-plant, concentration, fermentation, dm, milieu, bioenergy, volume-load, detention-time, fermenter, cod, biogas, biogas-production, narrative-text, figure, substance, substrate-conditioning, construction, dimensioning, vfa

Page: COD and DM
CHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND (COD) COD declares the amount of oxygen, which is used for oxidation of the complete organic matter in a fluid medium. DRY MATTER AND ORGANIC DRY MATTER The dry matter shows the mineral and organic compounds which will be left after ...
Other labels: biogas, biogas-production, bioenergy, dm, cod, substance, narrative-text
Page: Conditioning of substrate
aim of conditioning the substrate mainly persists in producing great substrate surface for making the following colonization of bacteria easier and increasing the colonization. The used bacterial strains needs a humidity ratio of minimum 50%; suitable for pumping the suspension should have a minimum ...
Other labels: biogas, biogas-production, bioenergy, substrate-conditioning, narrative-text
Page: Conditions of milieu
basically requirement on actual achievement of the plant respectively the reactor is to create keep up conditions of milieu. Atmospheric oxygen have to exclude except a small amount in gas phases (biological desulfurization). Light is not lethal for microorganisms indeed, but it inhibits the process and so ...
Other labels: biogas, milieu, biogas-production, bioenergy, narrative-text
Page: Dimensioning
Dimensioning and construction of the plants, especially reactors, affects the process rather indirect. For a stable process biogas plants respectively fermenter should constructed and interpreted for all possibilities of process monitoring and controlling. Fermentation process can by gradually and spatial separation of the phases ...
Other labels: biogas, dimensioning, biogas-production, biogas-plant, bioenergy, construction, narrative-text
Page: Gas Production Potential
amount of biogas in a biogas plant depends on the composition of the applied substrate. Substrate has an effect on the quality of biogas and the methane yield. It is ASSIGNED ON the composition of the contingent of fat, proteins and carbon hydrates. Fat indicates regarding the mass more methane than ...
Other labels: biogas, biogas-production, biogas-plant, bioenergy, dm, concentration, figure, narrative-text
Page: VFA
VOLATILE FATTY ACIDS (VFA) VFA´s or carbonic acids are metabolized during anaerobic fermentation. Acidification and acid degradation are in balance at a stable proceeding. An undersupply of the fermenter with substrate can cause a cutback of acidification and therefore of biogas production. If too much ...
Other labels: biogas, biogas-production, vfa, fermentation, bioenergy, figure, narrative-text
Page: Volume Load and Detention Period of a Fermenter
When building a biogas plant it is important to consider economic aspects. The aim is to accomplish an optimum of degradation performance at arguable economic effort. Due to this, the aim of the choice of fermenter dimensions is not implicitly the maximum of gas yield respectively a complete degradation of organic ...
Other labels: biogas, biogas-production, volume-load, fermenter, bioenergy, detention-time, figure, narrative-text
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