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Content with label sources-of-energy in REBEL WP7: Bioenergy (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Bioethanol Processing
use and combustion of fossil fuels is responsible for 73 % of the CO{}2 production in the atmosphere and therefore extremely contributes to global warming, the interest in the development of methods, reducing green house gases, has been increased enormously. In order to control such emissions, many ...
Other labels: biomass, renewable-energy, technology, fuel-properties, bioethanol-production, ethanol, feedstock, bioethanol
Page: Biomass from Agriculture and Forests

Other labels: biomass, learning-tool, bioenergy, forests, power-point, agriculture
Page: Biomass from Algae
Renewable biofuels are of great importance for the displacement of petroleoumderived transport fuels, in order to reduce gaseous emissions, e.g. fossil CO{}2, nitrogen and sulphur oxides and their purported greenhouse, climatic changes and global warming effects, as well as to face the frequent oil ...
Other labels: biomass, renewable-energy, macroalgae, microalgae, biodiesel, algae, bioethanol, biofuel
Page: Hydrogen from Biological Processes
Introduction In spite of increased utilization of energysaving technologies, the global energy consumption will rise dramatically in the next few years. Particularly, rapid industrialization of developing and threshold countries, as well as increasing global human population contribute to excess energy consumption. Fossil ...
Other labels: hyvolution, fermentation, fossil-fuels, hydrogen, bioenergy, biological-process, energy-consumption, figure
Page: References 1
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Other labels: bioenergy, references
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