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Content with label assignment in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Comparing Efficiencies
Different Approaches to efficieny\\ We all know the word. We all try to be efficient in our way. But is there really a clear and unified understanding of efficiencies? At least one should distinguish between different areas of efficiency: Efficiency of heat Efficiency of enthalpy ...
Other labels: learning-tool
Page: Polluter pays principle
Polluter pays principle In many environmental laws and EU directives one can find the polluter pays principle\! Is it also executed?  Task: read about the polluter pays principle. What does it mean? Where does it apply? Example ...
Page: Speed of development
Speed of development Does it matter how fast things are changing? Does slower development lead to a more sustainable world? Shall we limit the speed of change in our world? and how? Do we estimate experience gained by 'long term ...
Page: Understanding energy dimensions
Understanding energy dimensions Energy consumption and energy contained in goods are very important aspects of environmental impacts. We are having a concept of what energy means, we know that power means something like the speed in which energy is being spent ...
Other labels: group-work
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