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Content with label bioremediation in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Bioremediation
BIOREMEDIATION \\ Is based on utilization of microbes for cleaning up the environment and can be applied for example in contaminated soil, sediment or ground water as well as oil accidents and spills in marine ecosystems. Biological processes which are involved in bioremediation are metabolism, reproduction and evolution ...
Other labels: gh, sk, biological-activity, biological-process, narrative-text, biological-methods, biotechnology, microorganisms
Page: Enhanced Bioremediation
Enhanced Bioremediation, in situ biostimulation, bioaugmentation, enhanced biodegradation (FRTR 2001) \\ Introduction: The activity of naturally occurring microbes is stimulated by circulating waterbased solutions through contaminated soils to enhance in situbiological degradation of organic contaminants or immobilization of inorganic contaminants. Nutrients ...
Other labels: figure, narrative-text, soil, remediation-methods, biological-treatment, biotechnology
Page: Enhanced Bioremediation, In Situ
Enhanced Bioremediation, In Situ (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: The rate of bioremediation of organic contaminants by microbes is enhanced by increasing the concentration of electron acceptors and nutrients in ground water, surface water, and leachate. Oxygen is the main electron acceptor for aerobic bioremediation. Nitrate serves ...
Other labels: water, figure, narrative-text, remediation-methods, biological-treatment, biotechnology
Page: Monitoring of polluted soils
TYPICAL FIELD INSTRUMENTS FOR SOIL CONTAMINANTS{} Dr. Sakari Halmemies 28 May 2009 nstrumentsforsoilcontaminants.mp3 \\ \\ \\ \\ {}Slide 1{} Three main levels of evaluation of soil pollution Screening: f.ex. colorimetric method Photoionization Detector (PID ...
Other labels: contaminant, sample, slide, analysis, field-instruments, narrative-text, monitoring, soil-pollution
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