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Content with label containment in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: deep-well-injection, leachate, barrier, water, narrative-text, figure, physical-treatment, remediation-methods, biotechnology, wall, waste

Page: 3. Containment
Ground Water, Surface Water, and Leachate: Containment (FRTR 2001) \\ Deep Well Injection Physical Barriers
Other labels: water, leachate, narrative-text, remediation-methods, biotechnology
Page: Deep Well Injection
Deep Well Injection (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: Deep well injection is a liquid waste disposal technology. This alternative uses injection wells to place treated or untreated liquid waste into geologic formations that have no potential to allow migration of contaminants into potential ...
Other labels: water, figure, narrative-text, remediation-methods, deep-well-injection, biotechnology
Page: Physical Barriers
Physical Barriers (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: These subsurface barriers consist of vertically excavated trenches filled with slurry. The slurry, usually a mixture of bentonite and water, hydraulically shores the trench to prevent collapse and retards ground water flow. \\ \\ Typical KeyedIn Slurry ...
Other labels: waste, wall, barrier, figure, narrative-text, physical-treatment, remediation-methods, biotechnology
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