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Content with label graph in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: narrative-text, concentration, dehydration, wastewater-treatment, calculation, biotechnology, rainwater, sludge, waste-water, quantity, sewage-treatment-plants

Page: Sludge concentration, dehydration and drying
sludge properties vary, dehydration and concentration must be optimised with each sludge. The solids contents given here are also only guideline values. In all concentration and dehydration methods, burnt sludge water is added to the inflow, as it is loaded with org. substances, N ...
Other labels: concentration, narrative-text, biotechnology, sewage-treatment-plants, dehydration, sludge, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Water quantity for the calculation of the sewage channel system
waste water: Q = QhQiQf Q{}h:       communal waste water (app. 5 l/(sx1.000 P)) \\ Q{}i:        industriell ...
Other labels: narrative-text, calculation, rainwater, biotechnology, quantity, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
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