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Content with label remediation-methods in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: physical-treatment, landfarming, chemical-treatment, sources, classification, bioslurping, directional-wells, barrier, thermal-treatment, figure, composting, hydrofracturing, biological-treatment, thermal-desorption, oxidation, slurry-phase, air-stripping, sediment, chemical-reduction, more »

Page: 1. Biological Treatment
Ground Water, Surface Water, and Leachate: Biological Treatment (FRTR 2001) \\ Bioreactors, Ex Situ Constructed Wetlands, Ex Situ Enhanced Bioremediation, In Situ Monitored Natural Attenuation, In Situ Phytoremediation, In Situ
Other labels: water, leachate, narrative-text, biological-treatment, biotechnology
Page: 2. Physical and Chemical Treatment
Ground Water, Surface Water, and Leachate: Physical/Chemical Treatment (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Air Sparging, In Situ Bioslurping, In Situ Chemical Oxidation, InSitu Directional Wells, InSitu Dual Phase Extraction, InSitu Hydrofracturing, In Situ InWell Air Stripping ...
Other labels: water, leachate, narrative-text, physical-treatment, chemical-treatment, biotechnology, technology
Page: 3. Containment
Ground Water, Surface Water, and Leachate: Containment (FRTR 2001) \\ Deep Well Injection Physical Barriers
Other labels: water, leachate, narrative-text, containment, biotechnology
Page: Air Sparging
Air Sparging, In Situ (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: Air is injected into saturated matrices to remove contaminants through volatilization. \\ \\ Typical Air Sparging System (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ !Picture01.png border=1! \\ \\ Air Sparging: applicability, duration ...
Other labels: water, figure, narrative-text, physical-treatment, air-sparging, biotechnology
Page: Biological Treatment
Soil, Sediment, Bedrock and Sludge Treatment Technologies{} {}Biological Treatment{} (FRTR 2001) \\ Biopiles, Ex Situ Bioventing, In Situ Composting, Ex Situ Enhanced Bioremediation, In Situ Landfarming, Ex Situ Phytoremediation, In Situ Slurry Phase, Ex Situ&nbsp
Other labels: narrative-text, soil, biological-treatment, biotechnology
Page: Biopiles
Biopiles, ex situ (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: Excavated soils are mixed with soil amendments and placed in aboveground enclosures. Itis an aerated static pile composting process in which compost is formed into piles and aerated with blowers or vacuum pumps.&nbsp ...
Other labels: figure, narrative-text, soil, biopile, biological-treatment, biotechnology
Page: Bioreactors
Bioreactors, Ex Situ (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: Contaminants in extracted ground water are put into contact with microorganisms in attached or suspended growth biological reactors. In suspended systems, such as activated sludge, contaminated ground water is circulated in an aeration basin. In attached ...
Other labels: bioreactor, figure, ground-water, narrative-text, biological-treatment, biotechnology
Page: Bioslurping
Bioslurping, In Situ (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: Deep well injection is a liquid waste disposal technology. This alternative uses injection wells to place treated or untreated liquid waste into geologic formations that have no potential to allow migration of contaminants into potential potable ...
Other labels: water, figure, narrative-text, physical-treatment, bioslurping, biotechnology
Page: Bioventing
Bioventing, in situ (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: Oxygen is delivered to contaminated unsaturated soils by forced air movement (either extraction or injection of air) to increase oxygen concentrations and stimulate biodegradation.  \\ \\ Typical bioventing system (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ !Picture2.png border ...
Other labels: figure, narrative-text, soil, bioventing, biological-treatment, biotechnology
Page: Chemical Extraction
Chemical Extraction, Ex Situ (FRTR 2001) \\ \\ Introduction: Waste contaminated soil and extractant are mixed in an extractor, thereby dissolving the contaminants. The extracted solution is then placed in a separator, where the contaminants and extractant are separated for treatment and further use. Two main ...
Other labels: figure, chemical-extraction, narrative-text, soil, chemical-treatment, biotechnology
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