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Content with label sample in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Acid capacity and organic acids
mmol/l\ and \mg/l\ The acid capacity or alkalinity is a measure of the buffering capacity of the water. It is an important parameter especially for operating digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) tanks. It is determined by titration of 550 ml of filtered sample with 0.1 M ...
Other labels: table, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, alkalinity, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: BOD5
mg O{}2/l\ Biochemical Oxygen Demand means the amount of O{}2 which is needed by micro\organisms rebwp8:Organisms in the waste water to degrade waste water substances at 20°C within 5 days. In order to prevent O ...
Other labels: figure, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, bod, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Carbondioxide in digestion gas
volume\ The CO{}2 concentration in the digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) gas is a measure of the stability of the digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) . It can be determined with a CO{}2 analyser, with a certain volume of digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) gas ...
Other labels: narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, digestion, wastewater-treatment, waste-water, carbon-dioxide
Page: COD
mg O{}2/l\ The measurement of Chemical Oxygen Demand is carried out by oxidation of most of the organic compounds with K{}2{}Cr{}2{}O{}7 to CO{}2 and H{}2{}O and converted to the amount of O{}2 needed for oxidation ...
Other labels: narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water, cod
Page: Composite sample
Time\ and quantitydependent  (e.g. every 20 m³) samples are taken with an automatic sampling device
Other labels: narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, sampling, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Filterable material
ml/l\ The solids content in the inflow DS{}0 of a sewage plant allows the excess sludge production to be estimated, the solids content in the outflow DS{}e gives information on the amount of sludge being carried out and thus on the separation efficiency of the final ...
Other labels: solids-content, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, sludge, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Microscopic analyses of activated sludge
lack or a small number of protozoans can mean toxic influences. Indicator organisms for nitrifying plants are in particular rotifers and testate amoebae. Filamentous bacteria rebwp8:Bacteria can be seen when bulking sludge rebwp8:Bulking sludge occurs. Changes ...
Other labels: figure, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, activated-sludge, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Monitoring of polluted soils
TYPICAL FIELD INSTRUMENTS FOR SOIL CONTAMINANTS{} Dr. Sakari Halmemies 28 May 2009 nstrumentsforsoilcontaminants.mp3 \\ \\ \\ \\ {}Slide 1{} Three main levels of evaluation of soil pollution Screening: f.ex. colorimetric method Photoionization Detector (PID ...
Other labels: contaminant, slide, analysis, field-instruments, narrative-text, monitoring, soil-pollution, biotechnology
Page: Oxygen content in waste water purification
mg/l\ This is determined with an O{}2 probe. It is important to provide the micro\organisms rebwp8:Organisms in the waste water with enough O{}2. For aerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content bacteria rebwp8:Bacteria an O{}2 content of > 0.1 ...
Other labels: narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, oxygen, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: pH value in waste water treatment
Biological purification proceeds best at pH 6.88.0. The pH value affects: solubility (NH{}4{}), corrosivity, biological activity and species composition. It can be determined simply with indicator paper or a pH meter
Other labels: ph-value, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
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