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Content with label sedimentation in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
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Page: 2 Biological purification
early as the 19th century, waste water specialists learned about natural selfpurification processes from nature. In biological purification, dissolved and fine suspended material, as well as colloids (which do not sediment out by themselves), are converted into sedimentable material rebwp8 ...
Other labels: narrative-text, biological-methods, biotechnology, sewage-treatment-plants, bacteria, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: 4. Alternating denitrification
Two basins which are aerated intermittently in each case are loaded alternately one after the other, with water from the loaded, nonaerated basin flowing into the other, aerated basin and from there to the final sedimentation stage. \\ \\ !UBT478Alternierende Deni.jpg border=1
Other labels: figure, narrative-text, biological-methods, biotechnology, denitrification, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Biological sludge stabilisation
Before (almost) any further use or disposal it is necessary to make sedimentation, primary and excess sludge nonputrefiable quickly in order to prevent odour nuisances. This happens in a biologically anaerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content (sludge digestion) or aerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content ...
Other labels: table, narrative-text, stabilization, biological-methods, biotechnology, digestion, sludge, wastewater-treatment
Page: Bulking sludge
Bulking sludge is activated sludge with poor floccul­ation and se­dimentation pro­p­er­t­ies (ISV > 150 ml/g). Easily sed­imentable acti­vated sludge has an ISV < 100 ml/g. \\ !UBT444Blähschlamm.jpg ...
Other labels: bulking-sludge, figure, narrative-text, biological-methods, biotechnology, sewage-treatment-plants, activated-sludge, sludge
Page: Flow time (residence time, sedimentation time)
time that the waste water theoretically needs to flow from the basin inflow to outflow (as­sum­ing completely uniform flow). With a primary sedimentation basin, dom­est­ic waste water, not too deep a basin and good flow, flow times ...
Other labels: parameter, sedimentation-basin, narrative-text, biotechnology, sewage-treatment-plants, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Sedimentation velocity
m/h\ The sedimentation velocity is a measure of the sedimentation properties of the sludge. It is determined at the same time as the sludge volume rebwp8:Sludge volume . In order to prevent sludge from being driven out of the final sedimentation basin rebwp8:5 Sedimentation basins ...
Other labels: sludge-volume, sample, table, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, activated-sludge, wastewater-treatment
Page: Sedimentation velocity vS and surface loading rate qA
sedimentation velocity of sedimentable material is much lower than that of grains of sand. Smal­ler particles of domestic waste water (raw waste water) have a v{}S of approx. 12 m/h. In final sedimentation basins v{}S can be even ...
Other labels: parameter, sedimentation-basin, velocity, loading-rate, narrative-text, biotechnology, sewage-treatment-plants, wastewater-treatment
Page: Sludge level in final sedimentation basin
cm\ The sedimentation water level is referred to as the sludge level. This can be used to estimate how much activated sludge rebwp8:Activated sludge method there is in the final sedimentation basin rebwp8:5 Sedimentation basins . No sludge should be ob­serv­ed ...
Other labels: sample, sedimentation-basin, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, activated-sludge, sludge, wastewater-treatment
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