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Content with label table in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: bod, waste-treatment, degradation, steps, sewage-treatment-plants, bacteria, legislation, figure, composting, testing, organic-substances, denitrification, concentration, biological-methods, inorganic-substances, biological-process, water-consumption, aerobic, sludge, more »

Page: 1. Physical parameters
Parameter water in the lowland water in mountain streams 1. temperature rebwp8:Temperature \max. temperature rise due to wastewater discharge \°C\ 3 1,5 \max. temperature \°C\ 25 21 \max. temperature during spawning season \°C ...
Other labels: parameter, narrative-text, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: 2. Chemical parameters
parameter \mg/l\ parameter \mg/l\ arameter \mg/l\ parameter \mg/l\ DOC 2 BOD5 rebwp8:BOD5 (ATH) 3 NH{}{}{}4{}{}\N 0,5 NO{}{}{}2{}{}\N 0,05 COD rebwp8:COD 10 ...
Other labels: parameter, biotechnology, bod, wastewater-treatment, waste-water, cod
Page: 2 Basic process of waste water purification in the sewage plant
Here mechanical and biological purification methods are discussed. Classical combination of methods for waste water purification: !UBT413AbwasserreinigungSchema.jpg border=1! {}Waste water purification steps: material examples separation/removal/purification coarse bulk material wood, cans, dead ...
Other labels: steps, water, waste, overview, narrative-text, methods, biotechnology, sewage-treatment-plants
Page: 2 Nitrification
During nitrification, oxidation of the ammonium into nitrate takes place by various autotrophic microorganisms (nitrifiers) and is carried out in the activation basin. The nitrifying bacteria use CO{}2 for building cells and reduced organic N compounds as an energy source. The maximally ...
Other labels: narrative-text, biological-methods, biotechnology, nitrogen, sewage-treatment-plants, nitrification, bacteria, wastewater-treatment
Page: 3. Biological parameters
parameter conditions ecotoxicology no toxic influence, depletion, destruction or damage of the aquatic biocoenosis biolog. water quality quality class II in the fourstep saproby system \\ {}Water quality classes: quality \\ class degree of the biological  load result of the &nbsp ...
Other labels: parameter, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: 3 Denitrification
Aerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content nitrification rebwp8:2 Nitrification is followed by denitrification in an anoxic rebwp8:Oxygen content basin (no dissolved O{}2, nitrate acts as the O{}2 source). Here, NO{}3{}\ is reduced by heterotrophic Cdegrading bacteria ...
Other labels: sedimentation-basin, narrative-text, biotechnology, nitrogen, sewage-treatment-plants, nitrification, bacteria, denitrification
Page: 5 Sedimentation basins
Primary sedimentation basins are intended to remove from the waste water sedimentable material rebwp8:Sedimentable material which is contained in the waste water and can damage downstream plant components. Final sedimentation basins are intended to separate activated sludge from ...
Other labels: sedimentation-basin, narrative-text, biotechnology, sewage-treatment-plants, aeration, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: 7. Sludge treatment
mechanical and biological sewage plants solids generally occur as screened material, sand trap material and fats, as well as primary, excess and precipitated sludge. Screen rebwp8:1 Screens ed material from coarse and fine screens 515 l ...
Other labels: concentration, narrative-text, stabilization, biotechnology, dehydration, decontamination, sludge, wastewater-treatment
Page: 8. Frequently used abbreviations
Symbol Unit Description Q \m³/d\ Daily outflow Q{}{}{}d{} \m³/h\ Dry weather inflow Q{}{}{}24{} \m³/h\ Average daily value of dry weather outflow Q{}{}{}x{} \m³/h\ Maximum ...
Other labels: abbreviations, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment
Page: Acid capacity and organic acids
mmol/l\ and \mg/l\ The acid capacity or alkalinity is a measure of the buffering capacity of the water. It is an important parameter especially for operating digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) tanks. It is determined by titration of 550 ml of filtered sample with 0.1 M ...
Other labels: sample, narrative-text, testing, biotechnology, alkalinity, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
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