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Content with label testing in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Acid capacity and organic acids
mmol/l\ and \mg/l\ The acid capacity or alkalinity is a measure of the buffering capacity of the water. It is an important parameter especially for operating digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) tanks. It is determined by titration of 550 ml of filtered sample with 0.1 M ...
Other labels: sample, table, narrative-text, biotechnology, alkalinity, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: BOD5
mg O{}2/l\ Biochemical Oxygen Demand means the amount of O{}2 which is needed by micro\organisms rebwp8:Organisms in the waste water to degrade waste water substances at 20°C within 5 days. In order to prevent O ...
Other labels: sample, figure, narrative-text, biotechnology, bod, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Carbondioxide in digestion gas
volume\ The CO{}2 concentration in the digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) gas is a measure of the stability of the digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) . It can be determined with a CO{}2 analyser, with a certain volume of digestion rebwp8:Sludge digestion (anaerobic) gas ...
Other labels: sample, narrative-text, biotechnology, digestion, wastewater-treatment, waste-water, carbon-dioxide
Page: COD
mg O{}2/l\ The measurement of Chemical Oxygen Demand is carried out by oxidation of most of the organic compounds with K{}2{}Cr{}2{}O{}7 to CO{}2 and H{}2{}O and converted to the amount of O{}2 needed for oxidation ...
Other labels: sample, narrative-text, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water, cod
Page: Composite sample
Time\ and quantitydependent  (e.g. every 20 m³) samples are taken with an automatic sampling device
Other labels: sample, narrative-text, biotechnology, sampling, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Filterable material
ml/l\ The solids content in the inflow DS{}0 of a sewage plant allows the excess sludge production to be estimated, the solids content in the outflow DS{}e gives information on the amount of sludge being carried out and thus on the separation efficiency of the final ...
Other labels: solids-content, sample, narrative-text, biotechnology, sludge, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Microscopic analyses of activated sludge
lack or a small number of protozoans can mean toxic influences. Indicator organisms for nitrifying plants are in particular rotifers and testate amoebae. Filamentous bacteria rebwp8:Bacteria can be seen when bulking sludge rebwp8:Bulking sludge occurs. Changes ...
Other labels: sample, figure, narrative-text, biotechnology, activated-sludge, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Oxygen content in waste water purification
mg/l\ This is determined with an O{}2 probe. It is important to provide the micro\organisms rebwp8:Organisms in the waste water with enough O{}2. For aerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content bacteria rebwp8:Bacteria an O{}2 content of > 0.1 ...
Other labels: sample, narrative-text, biotechnology, oxygen, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: pH value in waste water treatment
Biological purification proceeds best at pH 6.88.0. The pH value affects: solubility (NH{}4{}), corrosivity, biological activity and species composition. It can be determined simply with indicator paper or a pH meter
Other labels: ph-value, sample, narrative-text, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Putrescibility (hydrogen sulphide test)
time\ In putrid waste water H{}2{}S is produced. If it comes into contact with lead acetate paper, the latter turns black owing to formation of PbS. The test is used to determine whether putrid waste water is arriving from the sewer system rebwp8 ...
Other labels: sample, narrative-text, hydrogen-sulphide, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
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