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Page: 1. Physical parameters (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Parameter water in the lowland water in mountain streams 1. temperature rebwp8:Temperature \max. temperature rise due to wastewater discharge \°C\ 3 1,5 \max. temperature \°C\ 25 21 \max. temperature during spawning season \°C ...
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Page: 1. Simultaneous aerobic sludge stabilisation (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
activation plants with simultaneous sludge stabilisation the activation basin rebwp8:Activated sludge method is also the sludge stabilisation reactor. They operate without a primary sedimentation basin as otherwise primary sludge would be produced which have to be stabilised again separately ...
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Page: 1. Sludge concentration (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
preliminary concentration stage acts to minimise the energy demand for heating the water with ATS or mesophilic digestion. A subsequent concentration stage can follow a stabilisation stage
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Page: 1. Upstream denitrification (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Waste water, return sludge and internal recirculation are mixed in the denitrification basin. Both denitrification and nitrification rebwp8:2 Nitrification basins can be configured as cascades. To increase operating flexibility, it can be possible for the last parts of the denitrification basin (in the direction of flow ...
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Page: 1. Upstream precipitation (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Pdeficit should be avoid in the activation basin (otherwise e.g. bulking sludge rebwp8:Bulking sludge can occur). \\ \\ !UBT484PVorfällung.jpg border=1
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Page: 1 Ammonification (N mineralisation) (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
N is generally separated from organic N compounds in the form of NH{}3, certain microorganisms can also separate NH{}4{} from the amino acids contained in proteins (deamination) or release it by urea hydrolysis. H{}2{}NC(O ...
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Page: 1 Long sand trap (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Long sand traps are constructed as elongated, open channels in two parts in small plants (in three or more parts in larger plants). Baffle plates at the sand trap outflow are used to maintain the desired flow speed when inflow varies. The sand ...
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Page: 1 P incorporation in biomass (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
P compounds are vitally important for bacteria rebwp8:Bacteria to build their physical body (empirical value BOD5 rebwp8:BOD5 : N : P = 100 : 5 : 1). As the phosphate content in domestic waste water is however higher, only approx. 3040 ...
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Page: 1 Rectangular basins (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
waste water flows slowly (0.25 cm/s) and uniformly through the basin, sediment­able material separates out, float­ing material is retained by a baffle in front of the basin out­flow. The sedimented slud­ge is conveyed into the slud­ge sump ...
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Page: 1 Screens (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Bulky objects such as pieces of wood, textiles, shoes, cans and also finer (mostly twodimensional) waste such as fibres and the like get into the sewer network rebwp8:1 Sewerage in particular via street drains and manholes and must be retained at the inflow of the sewage plant ...
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